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Custom Email List Building

Get the most accurate Business Email Lists, Sales Leads and Business Mailing Lists. Identify Key Executives, Get Real Time Sales Triggers, Research Companies, Develop Quality Sales Leads, Improve Pre-Meeting Planning, Gain Competitive Intelligence, Target New Customers, Analyze Financials, View Key Industry Trends. MAK Healthcare Prospects Business Email Lists provide businesses with accurate and affordable leads that are continuously updated. Targeted Business Email Lists will help you expand your customer base, therefore increasing sales.

Custom Email List

We, at MAK Healthcare Prospects, carefully cross-check every email address assimilated in our in-house customer database. A double verification through online and offline systems is run through each email ID. We believe that data is the basis of any business, we do not consider an incorrect, missing or redundant email information to be a part of our database.

Missing email addresses are added and incorrect or redundant email addresses are replaced in the company's existing database.

  • B2B Email Appending
  • Reverse Appending.
  • Phone Appending
  • Fax Appending
  • Contact Appending

The email IDs that go through our appending procedures are opt-in and the non-responsive ones are immediately deleted from the database before being delivered. To keep your existing customers within reach, get your customer database updated by us.

The benefits of our append email addresses are:

  • Our match rate for appended data is over 65%
  • Our email addresses are SMTP verified, can-spam compliant and follow DMA rules
  • How E-Appending Works

    We are the best email append service providers who follow 5 well defined steps for e-mail appending. The process begins with customer database acquisition from the clients, matching it against our database. This is followed by a verification process. Then we roll out an opt-out campaign and thereafter upload the database to the client`s server in their required format.

    You've built a good database of your customers' and prospects' direct mail information. Now you want to start marketing to them via the Web, but you don't have their email addresses. Add current, permission-based email addresses to your database of business prospects. MAK Healthcare Prospects email appending services can provide accurate deliverable e-mail addresses, we guarantee the emails are deliverable and you only pay for confirmed emails. Our B2B email appending service finds deliverable business email addresses for up to 90+% of your corporate postal records.

    • We receive your customer data
    • All we need to start the process is your list of customer names with their postal addresses. We work with most data formats, and your information will always be protected within our secure system environment. We'll remove duplicate records and apply standard postal address hygiene including CASS.

    • The match is performed
    • Your customer file is matched against our database of over 42 million records to retrieve the corresponding email addresses. We consistently find email addresses for 60 - 70% of all records that are submitted to us.

    • Customized permission request
    • We create and send a customized permission request message that will direct your customer to a website with your logo. There, your customer can either opt-out of future email messages from you, update their contact information, or provide an alternate contact.

    • We return your database with email addresses appended
    • All undeliverable matches are omitted and opt-out responders are flagged. A final file containing deliverable matches is returned to you.